Corporate news release - Levati Food Tech


Parma, June 22nd, 2017


CFT SpA has acquired Levati Food Tech know-how and technologies in order to complete its product portfolio in food packaging.


CFT SpA, a leading manufacturer of processing and packaging equipments primarily for the food and beverage industry, has acquired the majority stake of LA Machinery Srl, a Parma based company focused on (i) engineering and manufacturing of a wide range  of palletizers, depalletizers and robots for multiple applications, (ii) batch retorts (static & rotary), (iii) special machines for vegetables treatment, (iv) components manufacturing.


Before the acquisition, LA Machinery completed the rental purchase agreement of the relevant  assets of Levati  Food Tech  Srl, one of the leading manufacturers of vegetables solutions as well as of batch retorts for the sterilization and pasteurization of food and beverage in cans, jars, pouches and trays. LA Machinery Srl has been consequently renamed as Levati Food Tech Srl and the components manufacturing plant has been spun off in order to improve its operational efficiency.


With this step, CFT, leveraging on the sales, manufacturing and engineering capabilities of the newly renamed Levati Food Tech aims to (i) increase its packaging know-how especially in end of line technologies, (ii) complete its product range in the field of sterilization and pasteurization systems, (iii) increase the existing technologies for vegetables treatment.


In consequence of the above, end of line solutions will be part of "CFT End of Line" Division; sterilization and pasteurization systems will be part of "CFT Product Treatment" Division whilst Levati special equipment will be part of  "CFT Vegetable Solutions" Division.

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