A Group made of People

Ongoing innovation, also in training and developing our people.

We believe in the importance of making the CFT Group a fantastic place to work, giving priority to the growth and development of people.

We have a project for each worker in the Group and we entrust them with increasing responsibilities, to allow everyone to improve and achieve the best possible results.

In the last two years we have dedicated nearly 7,000 hours to training and more than 2,000 hours to managerial education and team building activities.

We believe that our people are at the heart of CFT Group’s long-term success and in recent years we have been constantly strengthening our workforce. This allows us to respond to the ever-changing challenges that the market places on us and to continuously renew our skills and our talents.

We recognize that the gender gap is a flaw in the society in which we live. Our Group is committed to sending out a different message, with the company’s female workforce that has grown by 20% in the last year, allowing us to achieve an increasingly harmonious workplace that is rich in experience and different personalities.

Our approach to growth is ongoing innovation, thanks to the constant search for young talent to be integrated into all sectors of the company.

Whether it is field technicians, research and development managers, product managers, IT experts, financial controllers, marketing specialists, after-sales specialists, salespeople or human resources employees, we all need to remember this motto: we all work together and the key to our success is, and always will be, team spirit.