CFT Ukraine

CFT Ukraine's Manufacturing & Production area, with specialization on production and assembling of components, machines and plants, is functioning mostly on a made-to-order basis. Our engineering staff and production team provides customers with solutions that are meeting their individual needs and requirements. 2 Ukrainian plants, 3 production units, 90 employees, 6000 sq.m. of production work-shops are to the dispose of our customers.


Assembling is strongly supported by the full production circle of manufacturing facilities and processes , including machining, welding, bending, laser cutting, glass-blasting, flatting, polishing, passivation and painting. Internalization of all key production processes makes is possible to sequre the delivery terms for the customers. The modern production work-shops are equipped with high capacity cranes for lifting of heavy constructions. Industrial floor is projected with water drainage channels for water-test of products.


CFT Ukraine's production departments are experienced in tooling machines, welding and testing. The global character of our activities means that they are traveling internationally on business purposes. Production Safety System is one of CFT Ukraine's priorities. Initial and periodic trainings, safety closing and protection means are under control of the safety engineering staff. The stocks and logistics involves shipping of equipment and components to customers according to their specifications. The system of internal education, trainings, coaching and mentoring is very important for development of the production team.

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