COMAC headquarters are located in Bonate Sotto (province of Bergamo) – Italy,


and is divided into three main areas (the Production showroom , the R&D lab, and the Spare parts warehouse.) With more than 150 employees, the main office building has recently been expanded to offer the best possible comfort to its team. Among the new spaces dedicated to coworkers a new gym has been implemented, together with a wellness itinerary, allowing all employees to enjoy a moment of relax during the day.

COMAC believes in the value of people and the role that each of us has in improving other people’s life quality. This means offering the best possible service to our customers, and fully bring the best out of its personnel, who the Company considers its greatest strength.


For such reasons, the cornerstones of COMAC’s vision are technological innovation and a great attention to the needs of our customers, who are offered custom-made plants, engineered and manufactured according to the lean production principles, in order to minimise waste and maximise time and resources.

Such approach has led the company to become among the most important international players in the beer kegging and bottling sector, exporting as much as 98% of their production over 35 Countries around the world.

COMAC’s  employees are offered a comprehensive corporate welfare programme, which includes:

  • A gym, a multi-sensory garden together with other areas that encourage team building and a sharing of ideas.
  • “Timesaving” services, that help harmonise the work-life balance (dry-cleaning services, on-site masseuse)
  • Comac Academy for training: English language classes for specific skills, in cooperation with schools and universities of the territory.

Thanks to these initiatives, COMAC has been awarded the Welfare Index 2018 prize for the Industry, with a full score.