From September 29th to October 1st we will be in Rennes at the “Carrefour des Fournisseurs de l’Industrie Agroalimentaire“, most commonly known as CFIA. This tradeshow is divided into three different categories: Ingredients and Intermediate Food products, Equipment and Processes, Packing and conditioning.

We will be there with our Milk & Dairy Division, presenting our multi-annual and concrete experience for what concerns sterilizers specifically engineered for the Milk Industry, evaporators, batch systems, end-of-line machines.

Thanks to our well-established experience we are able to serve all the sub-sectors of Dairy Industry, from drinkable milk up to cheese production, from whey/whey powder, milk proteins up to formulated products and other dairy by-products.

Discover more about our Milk & Dairy technologies at CFIA in Rennes!



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