CFT Academy


CFT Academy was created to achieve excellence through the continuous training of all of the organisation’s staff, as well as its associates and partners who all contribute to the development of CFT Group.
Those activities include programmes focusing strongly on learning via on-the-job training, peer coaching, mentoring, and observance of the Quality System. The training’s goal is to focus on the key company assets and values, and on better ways of approaching any eventual work issue and organization matters.
CFT Academy ensure that continuous, high-quality training is provided to all team members, whether technical or managerial, wherever it is required, focusing on the needs of everyone.
Any clear differences in aptitude, training, or experience will be taken into consideration from the perspective that the quality of work carries a real competitive advantage which can be acquired through effort and determination.
These opportunities will be offered equally to all levels of the company’s workforce, from newly employed staff who have just joined the company to managers who wish to further develop their managerial skills, as well as external partners who, by interacting with CFT, need to develop their skills in line with the requirements of the group.


CFT Academy intends to maximize its staff potential by creating a shared set of values, achieving technological excellence through constant research and development, and fostering talents by developing their potential.
CFT Academy has developed an increasingly proactive structure: the aim is to train the company’s operational and managerial personnel to the highest level of knowledge, capabilities and skills in order to provide effective and coherent support to the Management Board and to meet the challenges of the global market’s competitive environment, both now and in the future.
Safeguarding the technological know-how developed in our company, protecting ourselves from unfair competition, taking pride in the Brand and in the intrinsic quality of our “Made in Italy” roots are the core principles that CFT Academy wishes to promote to all the staff of the CFT Industrial Group.
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