CFT Academy

Continuous training for everyone, from newly hired staff to experienced managers.

Ensuring the continuous training of everyone in CFT Group is the mission of the CFT Academy.

Training activities include the updating and improvement of one’s skills, tutoring, compliance with the quality and safety system. The goals are to focus on the company’s key values, learn better ways of facing everyday challenges and cultivate passion for your own work.

We believe that passion really is a key factor for success. People who are committed and dedicated to what they do help to create the future of the company, by building and improving their professionalism.

CFT Academy ensures that continuous and high quality training is provided to all the members of the Group, from newly hired staff to managers who want to further develop their managerial skills.
Any clear difference in attitude, training or experience is taken into consideration and valued.

Thanks to CFT Academy we are creating a shared set of values, with the aim of training all the company people to the highest level of knowledge, skills and competences that everyone is capable of reaching. Only in this way will we be able to face the challenges that our job places in our path.

Protecting the technical knowledge developed in our company, protecting us from unfair competition and being proud of the brand and the intrinsic quality of our Italian roots are the fundamental principles that we want to promote thanks to CFT Academy.