Baby food line

The lines for the production of ready soups, developed according to the most advanced technologies have been designed to allow the maximum flexibility in production and the total guarantee for the preservation of the organoleptic characteristics of the treated product. Thanks to the multi-year experience gained in cooperation with the most important multinational companies of this sector, it was possible to develop production technologies such as to satisfy a wide range of products both homogeneous and containing large particles.


The new patended cooking kettle Vulcano is the answer for all the customes who want the simplicity of a cooking kettle and the best final product.
In one single vessel where it is possible to process different operations: mixing, frying, deaeration, cooking, milling, concentration
Olimpic Pasteurizer
Olimpic Pasteurizer is a plate heat exchanger for pre-heating, pasteurizing and cooling of liquid products as dairy, beers and beverage. Olimpic P consists in a unit of corrugated metal plates with holes to allow the two fluids to pass through, between which fluids the thermal exchange occurs.