Dairy and Soya line

Lines and equipment expecially designed for the production and aseptic filling of soy milk and UHT milk according to the highest quality international standards. The soy milk line production process is composed of the following phases: reception of semifinished product (soy beans), bean coat removal, rehydration and storage, grinding, solubilization, separation, clarification, inhibition, homogenization, cooling and storage, sterilization and aseptic filling. Soy milk can also be kept for further processing in order to obtain, for example, flavoured soy milk, soydrinks, beverages etc.
The separation phase allows to obtain a by-product called“Okara” and generally used as animal food.
UHT milk is obtained after a short holding at the sterilizing temperature, having a shelf life of 90 days. With a longer holding time, a UHT milk having a shelf life up to 180 days can be obtained. Cream can be sterilized and packed as UHT culinary cream; moreover  béchamel, drinks, pudding and desserts with basis of UHT milk can be obtained.


Magnetic Pal/Depal
CFT can offer a complete range of palletisers/depalletisers for empty containers. High level or  low level infeed/outfeed, able to handle loose empty containers.
Flame sterilizing cassette
Pocket filler + seamer
Models with 6 to 96 valves, with 500 to 5000 cc cylinders, that can be coupled to seamers when processing metal cans, jar cappers in case of glass jars with twist-off caps or cappers in case of plastic or metal containers with pressure or screw cap
Caps feeder
Cap flame sterilizing system
Rinsing machine
Low level depalletizers

CFT can offer a complete range of palletisers and depalletisers. Palletisers with high / low level infeed with single / multiple entry for loose bottles and pack layers, able to handle cans, jars, bottles, cartons, bundles and crates.

Loading and cutting metallic sheet
Molding machine/flanging machine
Paint oven driyng
Accumulation table
Bottom seamer
Labelling machine

Machines in this line