Olimpic FT tube chest

The OLIMPIC FT sterilizer series is the CFT system for sterilizing low and medium viscosity food products such as milk, juices and fruit drinks, concentrated fruit juices and vegetable juices, natural fruit purees, vegetable milks and smoothies.

The tube-in-shell heat exchanger is the heart of this equipment. CFT is internationally renowned as a technically advanced process technology specialist brand and market-leader for efficient tubular heat exchanger systems for the treatment of liquid foods. The tubular heat exchanger guides the product through several straight inner tubes surrounded by a service medium in a shell.

Straight pipes can be corrugated to increase the heat transfer coefficient. CFT design allows fast and efficient treatment with a heat recovery rate of up to 85%. Energy savings can be obtained through a system with an intermediate loop product/water/product or by product-to-product tubular exchangers, which guarantee up to 30%faster heat treatment. The inner bundle of the product-to-product exchangers can be removed for inspecting the product flow path.