Beer line

Complete automatic (or semi-automatic) line of various capacities (from 10 to 250 hl) for beer production.

Our brewery systems are divided into the following sections:

  • Receipt, milling and handling of malt
  • (Brewhouse) Brewing room (from 2 to 5 kettles)
  • Water unit (with pressurization unit)
  • Automatic Hop Dosing System (from 1 to 4 vessels)
  • Hop-Back, Trub Recovery System
  • Yeast propagation unit
  • CIP unit
  • Cellar for Fermentation and Maturation
  • Utilities, Heat Recovery System
  • Dry Hopping
  • Filling and Packaging

Advantages and strengths

(Brewhouse) Brewing room

The components of the brewing room are positioned on a stainless steel structure that offers easy access to the equipment installed on the base.

The machine is designed as an integrated system. The pipes and electro-pneumatic connections will be completed in our workshop and the machine will be shipped to the site ready for commissioning (only connection of the utilities to the unit is required).

Local control panels are included (only in the automatic version) that will be installed on the frame. The main control cabinet can be positioned in a separate control room.

The Brewhouse is designed with a modular concept, and can be extended or modified to adapt to the customer's growth; numerous alternative options and solutions are available.

An advanced automation system ensures reliable operation of the line and improves efficiency.

A complete set of instruments are used to control the process. The pump flow rate is inverter-controlled.

Heat recovery systems can be included to reduce energy costs.

Constructional features

The mashing process is particularly effective thanks to the special hydrator (excellent contact between water and grist) and the characteristics of the mash kettle (the special mixer situated on the bottom ensures gentle and efficient mixing).

The construction features of the lauter tun (distribution of incoming wort, special spent grain cutting device, filtered wort extraction system) offer excellent results during filtration to exploit the malt yield to the full.

The product is partially evaporated in the boiling kettle. The machine has a special device for eliminating foam forming in the kettle and improving heat exchange efficiency. A special mixer situated on the bottom ensures gentle and efficient mixing.

Whirlpool: thanks to a particularly careful design of the machine (height/diameter ratio, wort infeed speed), turbid substances are removed highly efficiently during the warm stage.

4 different tun configurations mean that the system can be adapted to meet various customer requirements.

The wort is cooled through a 2-stage plate heat exchanger; other alternatives are available to meet the customer's requirements. The next stage is wort aeration, in which treated air or oxygen is injected into the product.


Fermentation tank
Fermentation Tank
Maturation tank
Fermentation tank
Fermentation tank
Fermentation tank
Fermentation tank
Fermentation Tank
Yeast preparation room
Cip Control unit
Hop dosing unit
Hop back
Wort Kettle
Product cooling and Oxygenation skid
Lauter tun
Water tank
Water tank
Mash Kettle
Storage tank
Water mixing skid

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