Monoblock for lube oil

Comaco designed a new integrated monoblock dedicated to the lube oil market.
This monoblock is based on a volumetric filler with the typical advantage of very high dosing precision. The dosed volume is automatically compensated according to the product temperature variations.
One of the main features of the monoblock is the very reduced change over time. It is obtained by using quick release systems to position and lock the different change parts and in addition it is possible to have two different capping turrets fitted on the same column which share the same lower base.
This system reduces up to zero the change over time on the capper as it is possible to have two heads ready to be used on different bottle sizes. In addition it is possible to have both screw and pressure caps on dedicated machines avoiding the compromise of a single capper used for both caps type or two different complete cappers one of which bypassed by filled but open bottles.
The monoblock is controlled by a PLC program optimised for oil industry requirements as for example the product change. This phase is very delicate because it is very important to avoid different oils mixture minimising the product used to rinse hopper and piping as it is very expensive.