Stematic Long Run

Expression of Rossi & Catelli’s innovatory potential and know how in the UHT sterilization field, Stematic Long Run is, from a technologic point of view, the most advanced and reliable plant that can be adopted for the UHT treatment of foodstuffs to be aseptically filled.

It is the result of systematic studies carried out on all aspects and problems relating to the milk sterilization; strict process tests on pilot plants, research of the most effective solution to ensure excellent performances, premium level quality of the finished product and remarkable economic advantages. Stematic Long Run is covered by international patents and offers the additional advantage of a fully automated control and supervision system.

Working capacity: from 2000 l/h up to 40000 l/h
Products: Milk, Flavoured Milk , Bechamel, Base product for ice-cream, Soy milk, Flavoured soy milk, Milk-based puddings and desserts, Soy-based puddings and desserts
Working capacity: from 2000 l/h up to 14000 l/h
Products: Cooking cream, Ceam for coffee, Whipping cream, Soy cream