Raybox Belt

X-ray inspection machine for loose or packaged products

Raybox Belt is an X-ray inspection machine designed to check loose or packaged food products.

This inspection machine has the power to detect high density foreign bodies such as metal, glass, ceramic, stone, Viton rubber, etc. in packaged or loose products.

In the case of loose products, RayBox Belt diverts the reject from the normal product flow, using a set of 10 air-jet ejector valves and conveys it to a collection hopper.

In the case of packaged products, on the other hand, ejection is carried out by an electropneumatically-operated blade reject system thanks to which packages of any size can be ejected with high precision.

Speed of inspection belt: Up to 40 m/min

Machine length: 1326 mm

Width of inspection belt: 400 mm

Pixel size: 0.4-0.8 mm

X-ray generator power: 500 W