MECDRY MF Superimposed Belt Dryers

MECDRY MF is a compact superimposed belt dryer/finisher.

Air drying is obtained with circulation of hot and dry air which flows through the product and extracts moisture from it. The hot and humid air is then partially extracted from the dryer and it is replaced with hot dry air.

The product to be dried is loaded, in a thick and adjustable layer, on a special heat-resistant linear conveyor. A vertical airflow (bottom-up or top-down) goes across the slats and the product layer. The conveyor system of MECDRY MF is made of several superimposed conveyors. Product is fed on the upper conveyor and falls on the lower conveyor at the end of each path. The speed of each belt is independently regulated, thus allowing for product accumulation.

The horizontal conveyors go across vertical drying sections, which have independent air circulation. Temperature and fresh air make-up are constant in all sections.

The number of sections and conveyors in a MECDRY MF is determined based on the product type and working capacities required.

MECDRY MF is frequently used as a finisher, after a MECDRY MD dryer, for the equalization of the moisture level within the product.