TRAYDRY-LXC Continuous Trolley Dryers

TRAYDRY-LXC is a medium- to high-capacity continuous trolley dryers.

Air drying is obtained with circulation of hot and dry air which flows through the product and extracts moisture from it. The hot and humid air is then partially extracted from the dryer and it is replaced with cold dry air.

The product is spread (thin layer) on special trays that are loaded into stainless steel trolleys.

An automatic handling system:

  • inserts trolleys with fresh product in one end of the insulated tunnel;
  • pushes the entire “train” of trolleys;
  • extracts the trolleys with dried product from the other end of the tunnel.
  • The drying tunnel is divided in several sections lengthwise featuring independent air circulation, drying temperature, fresh air make-up. Airflow direction is automatically reversed in order to obtain higher uniformity of drying conditions.

TRAYDRY-LXC is available in 3 models ranging from 3 to 5 sections, with increasing production capacity.