MECFLOW MF is a range of fluidized bed freezers.

The product to be frozen is randomly fed in a thick layer on a linear belt where it is kept agitated by a powerful vertical flow of chilled air.

Continuous product mixing during the freezing process gives a loose finished product, free of agglomerated particles. The cooling system is divided in 2 sections/belts lengthwise:

  • the first one, where the layer of product is low, is designed to produce an external freezing of the particle “skin”;
  • the second one, with product build-up, causes freezing at the core of the particles.

The dwell time/speed of the sections/belts is regulated with frequency variators.

The axial-type circulation fans combined with evaporators of the flat-fin, decreasing-spacing type, ensures low energy consumption.

The whole system is enclosed within an insulated cabin.

MECFLOW is available in 8 standard models with working capacity from 500 kg/h to 10,000 kg/h.

Each standard model can be configured to match customer needs and specifications.