It is a truly advanced heat exchanger. The module design provides the «Multitherm» with the capability of being assembled in multiple units to fit specific processes. The module heat exchanger. by virtue of its standard elements made in series, assures a perfect match to the requirements of the cannine and chemical industries and that's why it is preferably adopted in substitution of the conventional tube nest heat exchanger. A variety of products can be processed for greater flexibility in the range of applications.

The «Multitherm» is provided for use with the following jacket media: steam, hot water or other fluid for heating; water or other refrigerant for cooling. The heating media, such as vapour, condensate or other high-temperature latent liquid can be easily recovered with the usage of distinct jacketed tubes. The jacket media move simultaneously within the modules of the same heat exchanger. It offers the benefit to achieve substantial energy saving, which is unreachable with one single-tube nest heat exchanger. The module design serves the purpose of increasing the processing capacity whenever required. By simply adding an adequate amount of modules to fit the output required.