Vacuum plant with rotating coil mod. Revolution

“Revolution” installations are conceived for the production of jams, marmalades, sauces, tomato sauces and preserved products according to recipes in which fruits, tomatoes and vegetables are the main ingredients. The particular and “delicate” heating and mixing system of the product with rotating coil makes the installation particularly suitable for processing products in pieces and whole fruits.

The installation can carry out the following different functions:

  • Defrosting
  • Low temperature evaporation
  • Cooking
  • Mixing
  • Recipe preparation and formulation

There are different types of installations with rotating coil according to work capacity from 500 to 2000 kg/cycle. There are also different types of automation customizations in order to automatically run all the processing parameters according to the recipe (brix concentration, weight with load cells, temperatures, cycles, vacuum level, etc.).

Working capacity: 500-800 kg/batch

Evaporation capacity: 1,000 l/h

Working capacity: 1000-1700 kg/batch

Evaporation capacity: 1,800 l/h

Working capacity: 1500-2200 kg/batch

Evaporation capacity: 2,100 l/h