Ketchup line

Line and machines especially designed for the production of Ketchup, according to the highest quality international criteria. Semi-finished tomato is mixed with salt, sugar, vinegar, spices and aromas according Customer’s needs, so subjected to pre-heating, deaeration, homogenizing, pasteurizing and hot filling.


Pallets stretchwrapper
Pallettizer island
4 axis articulated robot for palletizing / depalletisation of containers etc.. and palletizing of cartons – bundles – drums etc.
Labelling machine
Weight check
Tray Packer
Multi lane dividers
Label presence control
Ink Jet coder
Labelling machine for packs
Sleeve applicator
Induction sealer
Foil and Cap presence control
Magic FW
MAGIC FW  is part of the SBC “Magic” family based on gravity filling technology, suitable to fill still beverages that need a particularly delicate handling. This machine is the product of advanced research and development towards a target of Heavy/Duty construction and High Quality standards (having always been our top goal) in the field of high sensitive still products , cold or hot filling.
Accumulation table
Blow moulding machine
Minipak aseptic filler
Pasteurizer with omogenizer

Olimpic SR is a scraped surface indirect heat exchanger (SSHE) designed to process foods which tend to form dregs, containing solid ingredients in pieces, or high in viscosity and consistency.

Aseptic drum empting group
Preparation and mixing tank
Sugar dissolving unit
This unit is suitable for dissolution and the continuous dosage of products in powder like salt, ascorbic acid, citric acid etc. It includes two sections: a dissolving section where the powder, sucked through an injector by a centrifugal pump, is dissolved in water and a second section for the solution storage and dosing with a dosing pump controlled by a transmitter.
Pectine dissolving unit
Hot water group
Olimpic MT tube in tube
Olimpic MT is designed for processing food products containing solid ingredients in pieces or particulates, destined to subsequent aseptic packaging. Product is subject to a thermal cycle by means of single pipe indirect heat exchangers, made of two pipes with variable profiles having decreasing diameters, placed one inside the other.
Eldorado pre heating system
Our constant efforts in improving plants and processes have resulted in the patented Eldorado system for the enzymatic inactivation of fruit and vegetables, which is the state-of-the-art and most reliable unit currently available on the market, attaining finished products with the best viscosity, color and syneresis values.
Olimpic TC concentric tube
High performance and maximum reliability characterize Olimpic TC sterilizing plant designed for processing food products with high consistency and viscousity values, destined for subsequent aseptic filling. Product is subject to a thermal cycle by means of indirect heat exchangers, concentric pipe type, made of four pipes having decreasing diameters and placed one inside the other.
Giubileo hot refiner
Designed in every detail to grant higher performances and maximum functionality, Giubileo represents all Rossi & Catelli’s know-how and, thanks to its versatility, allows to process fruit and vegetables by both Cold-Break and Hot-Break technologies to obtain finished products capable of meeting the strictest quality parameters.
Among all the units which have contributed to Rossi & Catelli's worldwide success, certainly the last generation Venus evaporators represents one of the most important examples of our continuous research for new technologies, capable of ensuring the highest quality of all final products, and in turn contributing to higher profitability and competitiveness on the market together with maximum reliability.
Macropak AF/2
Macropak AF/2 is a 2 heads filler for packing semifinished or finished food products, liquid, semi-liquid, highly viscous products or containing pieces, in presterilized bags.
Vesuvio Millenium
The latest novelty at CFT's is the Vesuvio Millenium peeler that, with a series of very important technical novelties, enables to get a high quality end product and above all to deal with very difficult-to-peel tomato successfully. 
Manual sorting tables
The manual sorting rolling tables are made by conveyors for a complete rotation of product on itself, in order to allow an accurate ispection by operators.
Discharge and hydraulic transport
System designed to fulfil relevant needs of the tomato and fruit processing industry. Product can be received in boxes, bins or by truck, too.
CB Inactivation unit
Manual sorting tables
The manual sorting tables are made by a flat table, in order to allow an accurate ispection by operators.
BT60 chopping pump
The chopping pump Model BT60, inserted both in the Cold-Break and the Hot-Break technological cycles, eliminates these risks, thus guaranteeing the achievement of the technological process and the optimization of plants’ use at the same time.
Peel hunter
Peel hunter
To remove and separate the peel still attached to the fruit coming out of the thermo-physical peeler. It works like a roller conveyor that makes the product move forward and rotate on itself pinching and detaching the peel from the tomato; the space between one roller and the other lets the peels fall.

Machines in this line