Optical sorter for fruit and vegetables with air-jet ejection system

Spray is an optical sorter with a very high resolution camera designed to check products such as processed vegetables and fruit. The selection criteria are managed through a special software program in which the machine calibration data are entered. The criteria that can be entered are colour defects, rotten products and foreign bodies, even of the same colour as the good product.

The product to be selected by Spray is fed onto the inspection belt which, in addition to transporting the product, also stabilises it to prevent it from rolling around during the process. the vision area is well-separated from the ejection area in order to prevent splashes of product from jeopardising selection over the course of time.

Spray may be equipped with just one air-jet ejection system with 176 electrically operated ejector valves or, in the 3Way option, with two reject systems in order to differentiate unusable defects from those considered as a second product quality level.

Capacity: Up to 10 t/h

Machine length: 3600 mm

Width of inspection belt: 1082 mm

Speed of inspection belt: 120-150 m/min

Pixel size: 0.5x0.5 mm

Number of ejector valves: 176