Policy for occupational, health and safety

Occupational health and safety policy

The top Management considers the protection of healt and safety of workers, other interested parties and all those who work on behalf of the company, as an integral part of its own activity, as well as a strategic commitment with respect to more general purpose of the company. We believe  that a healty, clean and safe workplace is a basic need for everyone to do things better and with greater satisfaction.

Therefore the company undertakes to:

  • establish Occupational Healt and Safety  (OH&S) objectives;
  • respect the legal  legislation and other mandatory requirements which it has laid down to protect occupational health and safety;
  • prevent accidents and occupational diseases, even taking advantage of the monitoring of “near-miss”;
  • achieve the (OH&S) objectives also through the establishment of OH&S Management System (OH&S-MS), making the necessary human and material resources available;
  • make sure that the entire organization is involved in the OH&S-MS, from the Employer up to the individual worker, according to their own functions and responsibilities;
  • communicate the Policy, the Targets and all relevant implementation programs to all people (internal and external) who work on behalf of the company, so that they are sensitized to perform their duties safely and to assume their responsibility concerning safety and health at work;
  • make the OH&S Policy available to all concerned parties;
  • promote a proactive culture over the time so as to attain safe behaviours and attitudes by personnel concerning safety and health;
  • closely monitor the interdependencies between productive activities belonging to the company and those belonging to other productive components present in the worksite;
  • involve and consult the employees, also through their safety representative;
  • promote the continuous improvement of safety and prevention, control, through a monitoring system, the implementation of the OH&S-MS and compliance with laws and regulations relating to health and safety, by defining the appropriate indicators;
  • regularly review the OH&S  Policy and the OH&S-MS implemented, on occasion of the Management Review, to ensure relevance and appropriateness;


Parma, March 31st 2013

Chief Executive Officer

Alessandro Merusi