This is how it began

Everyone at Karbach Brewing has a long history in the beer business. And we’re not just talking about a hobby that became a job.

Founders, Chuck Robertson and Ken Goodman, started in the beer business by owning a distributorship which they eventually sold in 2008 to pursue their longtime dream of owning a Craft Brewery. Strategically, as they were ready to begin this adventure, they linked up with the man behind the beer magic, Eric Warner, former brew master, and subsequently CEO of Flying Dog Brewery, who was leaving Colorado in search of a new opportunity in Texas.

The combination of this professional experience proved to be a guarantee of success. Since they opened their brewery in Karbach Street in Houston, Texas, in 2011 Karbach have experienced positive growth and have captured a solid market share.


Karbach’s portfolio consists of 6 core beers available all year round among which we would like to highlight the Hopadillo IPA and Weisse Versa Wheat, the brewery’s two bestsellers, as well as 3 seasonal beers.

The brewery has opted for cans, mainly, over glass bottles for a number of reasons: they weigh less and therefore reduce transportation costs and they provide better protection against light and oxygen, which are known to be the main enemies of beer. Cans are also a better choice for on-the-go consumers, mainly those who prefer to enjoy a cold Hopadillo on the beach or while camping.

In 2014 Karbach decided to purchase a new state-of-the-art complete can production line from CFT Packaging USA. The motive was simple: partner with one, qualified supplier to upgrade one of the most important parts of the brewery, the filling and packaging line. CFT provided the whole production line, from the Depalletiser to the Dual Chamber Can Rinser, the Monoblock filler / seamer, the can-dryer system and all the required conveyor belts. The delivery of the equipment was on schedule and the installation was seamless.


“CFT Packaging USA was extremely helpful, including during the quotation phase by helping us to plan the layout of the production line.  We had an EXTREMELY tight space to work with, and rather than saying our space was inadequate they rolled up their sleeves to help us to find a way of making the line fit.”
“CFT really wanted our business and took us seriously.  We were a relatively small brewery but growing very rapidly and now I bet their competitors are wishing they had taken us a little more seriously!  Bob and Domenico really seem to understand the old adage that small customers become big ones!”
“We are a young brewery, with a young and relatively inexperienced staff, so the user-friendliness of the production line has made it really easy for us to train our staff to operate it.”
“The installation went extremely well considering the circumstances.  We had to remove our old line and install the CFT line into the same space as quickly as possible.  The programmer and start-up technician were aware of our tight deadline and went the extra mile, working long hours to get the job done and get the line up and running on time and on budget.”
“The CFT line has worked like a dream.  We like to do a lot of things ourselves and we were a bit hesitant about installing a ready-to-operate production line, but we’re so glad we did.”
“Our dissolved oxygen levels have come way down and this has resulted in an impressive fill height consistency. “

“The service and the after-sales service have been great!  John (who was our start-up technician) has been easy to get hold of and quick to respond to any questions that we’ve had.”
“I honestly expected that we would have had a much longer period to get the line working, but it was basically good to go within a week after installation.  I would have been happy with a month!” Eric Warner, Karbach Brewmaster.

We look forward to following the success of this great customer!