Ligne du thon


Tuna cutting section
Tuna cooker
Tuna cleaning section
Can sterilizing case
Tuna filler
Weight check
Brine doser
Inspection table
Filler monoblock (tuna version)
The rotary filler is an automatic machine for completing containers with preserving liquids such as oil, vinegar, brine, syrup, sauce, etc. Containers may be in glass, plastic, or tin in a variety of sizes and shapes, containing fruit or vegetables whole, sliced or diced, tuna, meat, etc.
Rinsing machine
Basket loader
Basket unloader
Empty inspection
Ink Jet coder
Low level palettiser
CFT can offer a complete range of palletisers and depalletisers. Palletisers with high / low level infeed with single / multiple entry for loose bottles and pack layers, able to handle cans, jars, bottles, cartons, bundles and crates.
Pallet stretchwrapper
Full can washer
Weight check
Labelling machine
Tray Packer
Ink Jet coder
Manual palletizer
Pallet stretchwrapper
Empty can depalletizer

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