An entrepreneur looking towards the future

Part of the speech Camillo Catelli has given on October 12th 2004, in occasion of his conferral of the Honorary Degree in Mechanical Engineering, at the Aula Magna of the University of Parma:

"favor the research, know the requirements of all markets, have qualified and motivated colleagues, be open to innovation processes, coordinate factors of production and help the company growth, gradually and carefully, in the full respect of all rules, even the not written ones, of loyalty and correct behavior towards anybody, are principles that have always distinguished our company policy”

reveals and outlines the portrait of an unique man, with a great humanity. An industrial entrepreneur leader in the history of our industry, an example of high-profile work ethic that resulted in a great bound within the company itself work force. 

Camillo Catelli, born in 1919, is the founder of Rossi & Catelli S.p.a., company leader in the field of production of plants for the industrial processing of food products.

The beginnings

He started working at a young age as an apprentice by “Oreste Luciani” historic company in Parma. During these years he realized the great potential, mechanical industry could offer to the processing of food products. Just after the end of World War II, in 1945, his business began in Parma.

Thanks to his insight and expertise concerning technical mechanics, he realized the need to follow the choices of larger farms, where he chose to follow the cultivation of tomato and sugar beet, through the appropriate technology, to enable the processing and the storage of fresh products.

The development

From the small workshop at vicolo Santa Maria (Ditta CATELLI & C) to the headquarters of via Budellungo (Rossi e Catelli Spa) until today at the unique headquarter by via Paradigna (CFT Spa), where some of the historical names of the industry, have been grouped and of which Camillo Catelli was honorary President. The path he undertook has developed through a constant focus towards Research & Development for the manufacturing of machines and complete lines for the processing of tomato and the food industry in general, having as main purpose the increase of productivity and of the quality of processed products, with over 70 years of activity, experience and innovation.

Quality export

The development of the company he created, had passed, in a short time, from the national market, through the European until, in the seventies, it reached and conquered the American market. The global expansion has been defined by a constant focus on new requirements, on customer growth, supported by continuous development program, which happened thanks to the great both technical and commercial intuition, the deep sense of family of the founder Camillo Catelli, supported by his children, who have always participated in the growth of the company.

The patent

The list of many patents, copyrighted under Catelli’s name, have over time distinguished the production of Rossi & Catelli, proving the constant development of the company and its attention to innovation,  defining the evolution of the food-engineering: from the distant "Anteo", first deposited patent in 1957 for the innovative descending forced flow circulation evaporator, to the freeze-dryer "Fredor", to the peeler "Vesuvio", to the new evaporator "Califfo", to the thermo-peeler "Butterfly", to the sterilizer "Olimpic", to the enzymatic inactivator "Eldorado", to the first aseptic filler "Macropak" for aseptic bags, until the most iconic plant and indissolubly linked to the Rossi & Catelli brand : the continuous evaporator "Venus", and the more recent "Giubileo" peeler and the falling film evaporator "Apollo". The company has constantly followed the fate of the food industry, keeping in mind the new requirements of the market, of consumers, of the final product and also, of the earth.

Grow together

We can firmly affirm that the expansion of Rossi & Catelli has deeply contributed to the growth and the development of the economy of Parma, in the field of the food machinery.   

The work of Camillo Catelli has always been connected to the essential values of work, with balance and care towards everybody, also towards the city of Parma, his birthplace. Catelli kept, in fact, in his heart Parma and the city’s unique soul, values that he has always brought with him around the world with pride, as they were part of his DNA.  

Merits and awards

Parma has awarded him with the City Gold Medal, award dedicated to the people who have honored the city, during the Saint Ilario’s commemoration day, saint patron of the city.

The list of all merits and awards collected during his life, constitute an additional testimony of the great success reached by Camillo Catelli, both on a public and professional level:

  • Saint Ilario Gold Medal of the city of Parma in 1988;
  • Award “Aurea Parma” from the Chamber of Commerce in 2003;
  • Laurea ad Honorem in Mechanical Engineering of the University of Parma  in 2004;
  • Title of Commendatore of the Italian Republic, given to him in 1993 from the Prefect Giuseppe Mazzittelli.


Camillo Catelli passed away on October 18th 2012.


His life, devoted to his company, is a great example for us to follow and a strong incentive to keep working following his principles.