CFT Group’s new 360° end-of-line range

CFT Group launches its new 360° end-of-line Division: a complete range of palletising / depalletising, solutions, secondary packaging equipment as well as premium ROBOTIC SYSTEMS.

For a company whose slogan is “Leaders Innovate”, preparing for new challenges and seizing opportunities is a daily task.

During the last few months we have been working on our end-of-line division to develop and transform it: new technologies, new lines and machines, new brands.

Let’s have a preview of CFT Group’s end-of-line Division:


A complete palletizing and depalletizing machines range for various products


CFT Group already produces a large range of high / low level palletizers and depalletizers starting from 210 up to 240 layers per hour, a low level magnetic automatic palletizer / depalletizer for filled containers with up to 270 layers/hour. Last but not least our high and low level infeed automatic palletizzers for bundles and cartons reaching up to 540 layers per hour.

LEVATI, a CFT Group company, is also offering a large range of semi-automatic to fully automatic basket loading & unloading systems capable of handling multiple packages such as cans, alu and plastic trays, pouches, Tetra Recart, Glass jars & bottles,etc. Highly flexible equipment with a speed reaching up to 5 layers/min. These extremely compact solutions with functional shapes also ensure an easy integration in fully automatic.

Discover our premium series of shrinkwrappers, wraparounds and combi for all needs!

Here is the great news: with its new brand PKS (Packaging System) CFT Group can now offer a complete range of premium shrinkwrappers, wraparounds, tray-formers and combi solutions. You might have known them as PACKAGING del SUR, which has now become PACKAGING SYSTEM, a CFT GROUP’s company. This range of shrinkwrappers can handle various applications such as Film only (300 packs/min), tray only (200 trays/min), Plate and film (200 packs/min) or Tray and film (100 trays/min).

The wraparound and combi range can reach a speed of up to 70 boxes per minute, and is completed by a series of alternative functions machines adequate for flexible products such are bags, flow packs, skin blisters or vacuum bags. All PKS’ shrinkwrappers and secondary packaging machines are characterized by their flexibility and versatility when changing format. Those with alternating function are adequate for both rigid (bottles, cans, etc.) and flexible products (bags, flow packs, etc.), as well as for the packing of other projects such as, for example: meat, bread, picking products. A wide range of highly flexible solutions featuring an especially fast and easy changeover!


New launch of IBER COMBI 35 machine from PKS, a CFT Group’S company


During the trade show, CFT GROUP will unveil PKS’ brand new combi solution IBER COMBI 35, featuring a stunning revolutionary innovation: the integrated FLASH automatic changeover that can be done in less than 5 minutes time, by just pressing on a button!

This new equipment presents many benefits:

  • EXTREMELY FAST CHANGE OVER: Maximum format change overtime from 35 minutes (standard) up to less than 5 min (optional)!
  • GREAT SAVINGS: The First box/pack delivered is fully functional. No need for later adjustments. No need of centralized lubrication
  • NO MANUTENTION / MAXIMUM SAFETY AND SAVINGS: Any intervention can be done through the touch screen with NO NEED to empty machine or manually adjust and refill with containers. This adjustment can be carried out even with the machine at production speed.
  • GREAT VERSATILITY: IBER series available in 3 versions: 35, 60 and 80-100 boxes/minute, depending on the type of container, grouping and cardboard dimension (Maximum format of 400 x 300 mm.)
  • An XL version is available, which reaches a maximum format dimension of 800 x 600 mm, which can handle aligned container groupings or in quincunx.
  • HIGH FLEXIBILITY: Automatic insertion of the “Only film” group. The duration of this regulation is already included in the indicated times.
  • INTRODUCTION of new formats by parameterizing data (without programming).
  • GREATER ENERGY EFFICIENCY: Thanks to the use of planetary reducers.

This new division and complete solutions range will be unveiled live during Hispack on our booth F 652 Pad.3, with the possibility to witness the fastest available changeover, taking place every 2 minutes during the whole show!

Last but not least, CFT Group opens the doors of its new 10th subsidiary: CFT Iberica, therefore strengthening further its presence worldwide.