ADV Combipack is able to handle multiple packaging formats, including American box, display box, wraparound, carton tray and combi case

The ADV Combipack machine delivers a complete secondary packaging solution, offering multiple functions including carton erection, filling, closing and palletizing.

The machine’s frame, which can be made of coated or stainless steel, can be expanded lengthwise to incorporate different functions. Each modular body section is positioned between the two end-modules, with the number of sections being defined by the number of process steps required within the enclosed envelope of the machine.

From a control perspective, ADV Combipack is provided with a COMBI-AS solution, which comprises an Allen-Bradley® ControlLogix® programmable automation controller (PAC), which is used to deliver functionality to a number of motion axes driven by Allen-Bradley PowerFlex® 753 variable-speed drives or Allen-Bradley Kinetix® 550 servo drives.

In addition to these motion solutions, the machine is also equipped with two iTRAK® independent cart conveyor systems, called COMBI-MOVERS. They are used for product feeding and carton conveying during the forming, filling and closing operations.

Thanks to these features, the ADV Combipack is capable of handling multiple packaging formats, including American box, display box, wraparound, carton tray and combi case, with cartons being either top or side filled.

It also exploits a patented contactless technology to energize the vacuum pumps above the iTRAK® shuttles and is claimed to be the only packaging machine that forms the cartons directly above the shuttles.

  • Every kind of carton format
  • Faster Production
  • Easy changeover
  • Increased productivity
  • Reduced complexity
  • Easy operation
  • Full accessibility

The ADV Combipack is a new modular machine that delivers a complete secondary packaging solution


  • Able to process different formats featuring different sizes and styles
  • High standard for process security
  • Extremely flexible packaging systems specifically designed to reach high speed