Automatic/Robotic decoring machine

The Combicore decoring machine has a full hd vision system that allows to achieve maximum accuracy and significant increase in yield and reduction of waste. It is also equipped with a self-adjusting automatic cutting/penetration system, which leads to cost savings due to the low number of operators required and the reduction of the risk of occupational diseases.

It is also possible to apply a modular approach for different flow rates of 20 pcs/min/modules and to obtain the necessary flexibility to adapt the system to semi-automatic operation and manual loading.

  • Iceberg salad
  • Cabbage
  • Radicchio
  • full hd vision system with automatic self-adjustable cutting/penetration, maximum accuracy, yield increase and waste reduction
  • Floor/basement positioning to allow easy accessibility for cleaning and maintenance
  • Modular approach for different capacity from 20 pz/min/modules and flexibility to adapt the system for semi-automatic operation and manual loading

Automatic/Robotic decoring machine for salads

  • design for fast pick & place operations
  • easy-clean design
  • suitable for washdown applications
  • four degrees of freedom
  • exceptional payload capacity of up to 15kg