Master Brewer of the month- Jacob NIETO

Our column is back to host for the first time a Master brewer from Spain: Jacob Nieto.
He works at the craft brewery Cervezas Villa de Madrid and he’s the man behind all of its beers: amongst them, the prize-winner Premium Pilsner Chula, which in 2017 was acknowledged as one of the best craft beer in Spain as it received the 3 Stars Superior Taste Award by the International Taste & Quality Institute.
It’ a pleasure to introduce to you Mr. Nieto!

What is your name?

Jacob Nieto

Which brewery do you work for?

Cervezas Villa de Madrid

Please share a funny experience or story from when you began your career as a Brewmaster

From the beginning I am taking the elaboration of craft beers with passion, the funniest in my job is to create new recipes for new beers.
We test all in small, these tests often work out regular and it is necessary to repeat it many times to obtaining the quality that we want.
But it is very entertaining to do it. I am in love with my work.

Which is your favorite beer to prepare? Why?

I love producing every beer that we are elaborating, each one has its interest, from the one without alcohol to the imperial Russian stout.

Hypothetical situation: You enter into a beer shop and can only buy 3 different beer brands not from your Company; which do you buy and why?

It depends a lot of the moment of consumption and putting only 3 still more difficult, it is possible that I buy:
-Tropical Explorer of Freaks Brewing (With a lot of hop to be a Pale, a captivation of beer)
-Ros de Ildas (Super easy to drink and really refreshing)
-Golden Promise Rye IPA (it is a wonderful beer from Zaragoza)

What type of beer have you not yet experienced but desire to?

We are trying new types of beers that we had never done before: Neipa, Dipa and Barley Wine.

Outside of brewing, what other hobbies are you passionate about?

There is not much time after elaborating beers, but I am charmed with Champagne’s tryings.

Is there another Brewmaster you are interested in collaborating with? Who and Why?

Tree House Brewing company for its results with the use of the hops.

What advice would you give to aspiring brewers looking to pursue this profession?

Always have the mind opened to learn, without taboos and with humility.

Is making beer only technical (following set recipes) or do you still find inspiration for creativity?

Certainly that you need inspiration. Every brewer has its ideas, points of view and ways of doing beer. It is not only following a recipe, there are many factors that influence the final result.

Music: What is the soundtrack playing in brewery during your brew days?

In the factory, with the noises of the equipments, the bombs, etc the music is not listened, normally we do not have.

Select a beer you would enjoy for these moments:

  1. Christmas with family 
    Ziva 5.0
    b. Your birthday 
    Chula Pale Ale
    c. A day in a swimming pool 
    Chula Pilsner

All from our own brewery.

If your favourite beer were a movie, what it would be? What features are in common between the two?

Chula Ipa – The Wolf of Wall Street
Sparkling, entertaining, surrounding, argument and plot until the end, sometimes bitter but with happy final.

What is your first memory involving beer?

In house they were giving me beer when I was 7 years old, I remember a return of a long walk with my grandfather who gave me a beer to hydrate and to relax.

There is an expression about beer you hear repeated by many people that you simply you cannot stand? What is it?

In Spain, unfortunately, there are not yet a lot of knowledges about the difference between industrial and craft beers, I do not like the references to double malt, double hop, etc. Quality beer is made with water, malt, hop and yeast. It does not fit double malt.

What is your “go-to” beer? Think about the beer which makes you most happy and you would choose to share amongst family and friends.

I am charmed with doing new beers, every week we do new tests and new elaborations to extract new recipes, this is exciting.

Free Question: this is your chance to answer or clarify any question / thought about beer today and share with our readers

I would like to recommend to the everybody to try our beers and, if it is possible, to do blindly tryings with any other beers of the world to send us the result. –

A local greeting for our reader


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