Master Brewer of the Month: Florian Schmid

Unser Bier is the largest brewery in Basel. After having reached the capacity limits on the runway after eleven years, they moved they moved their facility in a larger area at the beginning of March 2010. They started operation there with an enlarged plant, additional fermentation, storage tanks and a new bottle washing and bottling plant. Today they are the only major brewery in Basel, brewing and bottling all their beers locally. Let’s know more about their mission and vision thank to this interview to Florian Schmid, the Master Brewer of Unser Bier.

When did you start your career as a master brewer? Are there any funny stories you would like to tell us about this period?

I am a Master Brewer since 2004. I remember and episode during my studies, before the beginning of my career: we decided with some friends to skip a lesson and visit the famous Oktober Fest in Monaco. We pretended it was a sort of “practice” for our studies, but the teacher didn’t like our idea…

Which beer do you enjoy making best? And why?

It’s very difficult for me to answer this question: it’s like asking to a father who his favorite son is.

You enter a beer store and can only buy 3 different beers that do not come from your brewery. Which would you choose and why?

I would choose 3 local beers for 3 reasons: it would be a “Km 0” product, fresh and made with “local spirit”

Is there a beer that you haven’t managed to taste yet and that you have been chasing after for ages?

There are several beers that I still don’t know and that are surely worth drinking!


Outside of the brew house, what do you enjoy doing? In other words, what are your hobbies?

I like spending time with my family and friends, practicing sport and listening to music.

Do you think the aesthetic aspects of a beer bottle or can is important (artwork, label,etc. )?

I think that aesthetic aspect is important, but unfortunately sometimes it becomes more important than the beer itself.

Which other brew master would you like to work with? Can you explain why?

I’m open to everyone who enjoys producing beer: I think that excellent beers may be created through a funny and efficient collaboration.

Which advice would you give to someone willing to choose this profession?

Keep trying new and creative solutions!

Is producing beer technique only, or is there room for improvisation?

In craft breweries there may be small technical problems that must be solved with improvisation. In our 100 liter “cooking room” it is always possible to improvise

The soundtrack of your day in the brew house

1. The Wailers- Soul Rebel
2. misfits- Die die my darling
3. Queens Of The Stone Age- No One Knows
4. Rummelsnuff- Bratwurstzange
5. The Dead South- In hell I’ll be in good company
6. Trio- Herz ist Trumpf
7. The beautiful X- spastically
8. Jan Delay- Türlich türlich
9. Public Enemy- Don’t believe the hype
10. Madball- Set it off

Of all the beers that you have tried, which would you choose for these occasions:

1. Christmas with the family: A beer matured in wooden barrels or a Weizenweissbock or an Imperial Stout
2. your birthday: Pils, Bayrisches Weizen, Export Lager
3. a day at the swimming pool: Geuze, Pale Ale, Belgisches Wit



What is your first memory about beer?

My grandfather usually asked me to taste the foam from his beer, I loved it!

Is there an expression about beer that you hear people say all the time and that you can’t stand? And why?

I don’t like people saying “I don’t like any beer”, because I’m sure they could find a beer they like. There’s a beer for everyone.

Can a machine “make the difference” during the production process of a beer? In which way?

Yes, each machine can make a difference in different ways and they are fundamental to achieve the brewery’s goals.

Which is the CFT Group’s machine you are using? Which are its main advantages for your production process?

We are using a Rolec Brewhouse, easy to use and reliable.

Your greeting for our readers

Prost, Mahlzeit! (Bavarian greeting)




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