Master Brewer of the Month: Michele Anzolin

Haandbryggeriet is a craft beer brewery


based in Drammen (Norway). it was founded in 2005 by four home brewers who wanted to make high quality beers.
In 2016 two of the original founders retired, and the brewery is today owned by a “constellation” of the two remaining founders, some employees at the brewery and three other Norwegian craft breweries.
The brewery currently has 10 employees, working zealously every day to develop new ground breaking beers and recipes!
Let’s know more about Haandbryggeriet, its beer and its vision thanks to this interview to the Master Brewer Michele Anzolin.


Michele, when did you start your career as a master brewer? Are there any funny stories you would like to tell us about this period?
It was a big revolution for me, four years ago, when I started to remove the spent grain just with a “click” from my pc, but sometimes I miss the old manual brewing system where I`ve worked on in the beginning of my career.


Which beer do you enjoy making best? And why?
I love making lager beers and stout for aging, because it`s not so easy to find the right balance between ingredients.


You enter a beer store and can only buy 3 different beers that do not come from your brewery. Which would you choose and why?
Only 3! Hard choice! Sure I`ll grab a Cantillon Lou Pepe Gueze, pure joy, a Serpent`s Stout Bourbon BA from The Lost Abbey and a Double Galaxy from Hill Farmstead Brewery…the list could be longer!


Is there a beer that you haven’t managed to taste yet and that you have been chasing after for ages?
Not really, but there are so many beers I`d love to taste before getting too old for traveling!


Outside of the brew house, what do you enjoy doing? In other words, what are your hobbies?
Hiking, climbing, cycling, snowboard, camping…in few words everything that brings in touch with nature.


Do you think the aesthetic aspects of a beer bottle or can is important (artwork, label,etc. )?
Absolutely YES! The first impression should encourage the costumer`s curiosity to choose your beer instead of others.

Which other brew master would you like to work with? Can you explain why?
Every brewer can share his/her knowledge and there is so much to learn that I don`t have a particular name in my head. Of course I`d like to collaborate with important breweries and learn more about blending of sour beers for example.


Which advice would you give to someone willing to choose this profession?
To be curious, dynamic, meticulous and have an open mind are important skills for a brewer.


Is producing beer technique only, or is there room for improvisation?
To make a recipe is could be considered a kind of art and it may come after a long study or from a sudden intuitive idea, but if we talk about quality control checks there is no room for improvisation!


The soundtrack of your day in the brew house.
I love listening music during a brewing day but I need to hear the sounds from the brewhouse and keep under control every step. When it`s possible I like listening rock music from the 60`s 70`s.


Of all the beers that you have tried, which would you choose for these occasions:
1. Christmas with the family: Imperial Stout with raspberry BA in bourbon barrels
2. Your birthday: Gueze
3. A day at the swimming pool: Hoppy pils


If your favourite beer was a film, which film would it be? What features do they both have in common?

A Clockwork Orange, a crazy, strong and dreamer beer.


What is your first memory about beer?
The bitter taste of the first sip when I was a teenager.


Is there an expression about beer that you hear people say all the time and that you can’t stand? And why?
“The yeast makes the beer not the brewer”. Yeah, it`s true but for an excellent outcome there must be a synergy of many factors.


Can a machine “make the difference” during the production process of a beer? In which way?
Yes it can. When the brewer has the control of every aspect of brewing process it`s easier to keep a quality standard as high as possible.


Which is the CFT Group’s machine you are using? Which are its main advantages for your production process?
We have a 50HL Rolec brewhouse and the main advantages are that you can use it and clean it ease, the high efficiency and an excellent customer service.


Your greeting for our readers.
Hi guys! Drink local, drink craft beer! Cheers!


Haandbryggeriet on the web:

Facebook: @haandbryggeriet
Instagram: @haandbryggeriet_official