Raytec Vision is part of CFT Group since 2007 and a leading expert in food sorting technology for fruit and vegetables.

The Company matured a long experience in X-ray technology for the inspection of canned food. Raytec is able to provide a wide range of solutions in quality control custom projects for specific needs. The continuous research and development of new technologies is the core of Raytec’s business.

The significant growth experienced by the Frozen Food sorting market and the increasing demand from the Dried Food market have been an incentive for the company. This condition permitted to develop a revolutionary optical sorting machine, especially conceived to check deep frozen and dried products.


DRYCE is able to reject all contaminants such as foreign bodies, color defects and rotten products in an extremely accurate way thanks to a 12 frequencies LED lighting system unique in the market.


This innovative feature allows to discriminate between good and bad product on the basis of the product’s optical properties. Light reflection, light transmission and fluorescence provide detailed information about the examined objects. A double side view with 4 high resolution cameras, a 3-Way reject system and a smart-jet rejection system complete DRYCE’s equipment, ensuring the highest standards of accuracy and safety.

The machine stands out also for its innovative ultra-clean design complying with EHEDG standards, which dramatically improves sanitation to maximize food safety. Last but not least, it is particularly easy to use thanks to the new software UNYCO all-in-one, enabling to monitor the whole activity by means of a single e-board.


Dryce optical sorter Raytec Vision - CFT Group food sorting


The machine can be used to sort all kind of frozen and dried products (single or mixed) and it removes defects and foreign bodies of any kind. Dryce is very well received by the market: more than 10 machines have already been installed in the EU and overseas countries.

What is more, DRYCE proved to be even more versatile than expected by revealing a huge potential in sorting candies, seafood and kibbles. Also halved peaches can be sorted in the new Dryce version equipped with pneumatic finger ejectors, paving the way to new markets and applications.