Master brewer of the month – Emanuele LOALDI

Let us introduce you to Mr. Emanuele Loaldi,

from Birrificio di Legnano (Legnano’s brewery).

Recently, his “Cinq ghej”- an American Amber Ale with a 5,8% of alcohol content – won the Italian Craft Beer Contest as “Best Italian beer 2016”. For this reason, we have asked Emanuele to reveal some of his secrets.

Are you curious to discover something more about this brewmaster and his amazing beer?

Discover more in this CFT Group’s interview !

What’s your name?

Emanuele Loaldi

 Which brewery do you work for?

“Birrificio di Legnano” ( Legnano Brewery.)

When did you start your career as a brewmaster? Is there a particular episode you want to tell us about that period?

In 2015, during a plant installation, we had to empty a tank, but, the technician forgot to attach the pipes so, once he opened the valve, we got completely washed by liters of beer!

Which is the beer you mostly like to prepare?

In general, Stout ones. They have got the taste and the scents I love the most.

You enter a beer shop and you can only buy three different beers that are not produced in your brewery… Which ones do you choose? And Why?

Stout (my favourite one), Sour Beer and Smoked Beer.

 Which is the beer you have not been able to taste yet, but can’t wait to try?

I think I’ve already tasted all of them… Maybe I could invent something new….

 Apart from brewing, what other hobbies are you passionate about?

I’m a soccer referee and, as a good brewmaster, I love blondies, red heads and I do not mind brownies.

Ah, I also love fishing!

 Is there another brewmaster you are interested in collaborating with? Who and Why?

Sure thing: with a foreign brewmaster. In this way I would be able to learn other tricks of the trade and I could have some free beer every time I go abroad…

What advice would you give to aspiring brewers looking to pursue this profession?

I would heartily recommend them to keep on doing things with a great passion, dedication and a pinch of creativity.

Is producing beer only a technical matter or is there any room left for creativity? (motivate your answer)

There are some rules you need to respect, obviously. The cleaning phase is certainly one of them; but a good dose of improvisation is always good and allows to obtain an innovative product.

The soundtrack of your workday? (Max 10 songs)

  1. Simple man (LYnyrd Skynyrd)
  2. Bohemian rapsody (Queen)
  3. Welcome to the jungle ( Guns’ n Roses)
  4. L’ inno del corpo sciolto ( Roberto Benigni)
  5. Generale (De Gregori)
  6. Heroes (David Bowie)
  7. C’era una volta in America (Ennio Morricone)

 Among all the beers you tasted, which ones will you choose for these moments?

  1. Christmas with family                                 Triple
  2. Your birthday    Barely Wine
  3. A day at the swimming pool                     Pilsner

 If your favourite beer was a movie which one would it be? Which characteristics do they have in common?

Definitely a western-one, with a Stout and a whiskey shot, a classical saloon scenario.

Which is your very first memory about beer?

When we went on holiday  in Valganna and we always walked past the Poretti plant!

Is there an expression about beer that people constantly use and that you simply cannot stand? What is it?

Double malt beer: this definition itself does not mean anything.

What is beer’s superpower?

It creates indissoluble friendships, at least with beer itself!

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(Q) What do you think about Italian brewing environment?

(A)  With our climate we do have the possibility to create and develop the entire chain of beer production and we must be able to do that!

 A typical greeting for our readers?