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Everyday, millions of tons of fresh products are processed by our plants; millions of cans, bottles and special containers for multiple applications are filled and handled by our machines and lines.

CFT Group has a strong know-how and proven experience in creating and integrating complete made-to-measure lines, from sorting to processing, packaging as well as the whole end-of-line: a 360° turnkey provider, offering high technology turnkey lines with a view to Smart Factory.

360° end-of-line solutions for all your needs, designed in such a way to increase productivity whilst reducing costs, always in the light of long term performing and TCO. #Smartindustry #Innovationinaction


Our customers needs are at the center of our interest: thanks to our understanding of various markets and common challenges CFT Group is able to offer customised end-of-line solutions, answering all your request in terms of layout and flexibility, whilst analysing your production needs, in order to offer you the best end-of-line solution to help you reach the best performance results. Our equipment and layout are designed in order to minimize floor space, whilst always offering easy and safe maintenance, easy format change over, always with an eye on T.C.O.


  • Savings: extremely fast change over and easy access allow to reduce maintenance costs, whilst improving productivity and performance,
  • minimum space required: thanks to compact solutions and smart layout configurations
  • Turnkey delivering: all of our lines are delivered turnkey, assembled and tested before being shipped over to your plant
  • One single provider: thanks to its 360° portfolio, CFT Group guarantee a turnkey service
  • Sustainability: Our equipment is designed to reach great energy efficiency
  • Safety: Our machines are simple to use and easy to access, they teherefore guarantee maximum protection for both operator and product, at each and every stage of production
  • Great versatility: Our end-of-line equipment range is available in multiple speed, and for multiple formats and products
  • Great flexibility: our equipment can handle complex or non-standard products, our engineering team are commited to find the perfect made-to-measure solution for every requests
  • High efficiency: Completely synchronized line working with the efficiency of one single machine
  • Life Cycle costs: we strive to limit the manufacturing costs thanks to high quality solutions, allowing to maintain the machines on the ling terme, which results in increased profits for our customers


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