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CFT Group manufactures complete filling and packaging lines specifically designed for lube oil, grease, additives and brake oil. Containers usually filled in this industry are metal or plastic ones, with capacity ranging from 0.5L up to 1.000 L. The wide range of containers, their various capacities and the different nature of products lead CFT Group to design custom-tailored solutions specific for each requirement.

  • The main machines of these lines – filler – palletizer – depalletizer – are designed and manufactured in our plants.
  • All machines feature strong structures and compact dimensions.
  • Low maintenance requirements.
  • Turn-key lines complete with supervision systems for self-diagnosys and control of complete line functions. They allow to record and manage large amounts of data and provide statistical data on line efficiency, stop reasons, alarms etc.

The core part of the whole packaging line is the filler and, for these products, CFT Group’s range includes two different filling technologies, represented by piston fillers and weight fillers, in-line or rotary type, to meet any specific requirement.

The filler’s range features:

  • high filling accuracy, fundamental to avoid waste of product;
  • non-drip nozzles;
  • quick product and container changeover;
  • Automatic high and low-level palletizing systems either traditional or robotic;
  • Automatic or semi-automatic systems for empty containers feeding. They can be high and low level traditional depalletizers, robot systems, unscramblers or depilers.
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