Tropical Fruits

CFT Group has developed complete and automatic processing systems to obtain natural and/or concentrated tropical fruit puree and juices. These lines are composed of CFT Group’s premium processing machines and represent the result of the Company’s constant commitment to research and development.

These systems have been designed and manufactured to process a wide variety of fruits, to guarantee low energy consumption and high yield while preserving the organoleptic characteristics of  the treated products.

  • Easy maintenance of the complete line.
  • Continuous process monitoring.
  • Significant reduction of power installed on the circulation pumps. (In the evaporation area).
  • Much higher efficiency during temperature exchange compared with the traditionally used technologies.
  • Reduced resident time of the product in the plant, thanks to the reduction of circulation circuits and the shape of the separator. The reduction of residence time combined with a reduction of the operating temperatures are the key elements for the quality of the finished product.
  • Highly compact dimensions of the whole plant, thanks to the fact that the single effects are self-supporting and do not require additional metal supporting structures.
  • From 3 t/h up to 20 t/h.
  • Automatic machinery washing system.
  • Low downtimes due to process changeover.
  • The room temperature extraction allows to separate the peels, avoiding that the pesticides content enter the solution with the puree.
  • The room temperature extraction allows to maintain seeds and stems intact, without any breakage, and so without bad taste added to puree.
  • The room temperature extraction allows to use red apples avoiding that pigments content enter the solution with the puree. It can avoid the use of peeling lines.
  • Through a very short thermal process, a stabilization of the product without any change in the natural organoleptic qualities can be obtained.
  • Such stabilized product will be able to go through further thermal treatments without quality deterioration.
  • Working capacity: up to 20 t/h.
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