Diced Tomato

The global tomato processing market reached a volume of around 34 Million Tons in 2016.


A lot of factors are currently driving the growth of this market. These include changing food habits, rising incomes, urbanization, emerging markets, growing consumption of fast foods especially by youngsters, etc. Sauces are followed by pastes, canned tomatoes, ketchups and juices. The United States currently represent the world’s biggest tomato processor accounting for more than one third of the total global tomatoes processed.

Other major countries includ Italy, China, Turkey, Iran, Spain and Brazil. Tomato processing Industry, which began with the manual canning of tomatoes in 1847, currently represents a highly organized industry with sales worth billions of dollars. Currently, sauces account for nearly a third of the total processed tomato consumption. Sauces are followed by pastes, canned tomatoes, ketchups and juices.

CFT Group has made tomato processing its strongest point for decades, selling tomato processing machines worldwide since 1945. The Group supplies complete custom-tailored tomato processing plants with different capacities and able to meet the strictest customers’ requirements and single machines featuring the highest certification standards.














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CFT Group manufactures complete lines and single machines especially designed for peeling and canning tomatoes, according to the highest quality international criteria. After the washing and sorting phase, the fresh tomatoes are conveyed to the thermophisical peeler, peel separators and manual sorting tables, thus allowing the elimination of waste products. Tomatoes are subsequently canned by adding tomato juice, then the product is sealed by our seaming machines and  pasteurized in our tunnels order to allow conservation up to the final consumption.

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