Tomato Paste

Tomato paste is prepared by removing the skin and the pulp of tomatoes to create tomato juice, which is then concentrated generally by evaporation method in order to obtain a thick paste.


Market trends

Tomato paste market is expected to witness significant market growth during the next years owing to its widespread application in food industry. In 2018, 40 million tons of processed tomatoes were consumed globally.

Increasing demand for organic tomato paste is expected to drive the global market revenues of tomatoes in the coming years. Global tomato production peaked in 2018 and is likely to see steady growth in the immediate term.



Top 5 tomato paste exporting countries:

  • China: 29%
  • Italy: 21%
  • Spain: 12%
  • North America: 11%
  • Portugal: 9%



CFT Group’s tomato paste lines are designed to ensure energy efficiency, production flexibility and an excellent preservation of the organoleptic characteristics of the treated product.

The tomato paste obtained by Cold Break technology is a product with excellent organoleptic characteristics (good taste, good colour, sweet flavour), with not too high consistency values (>7 cm Bostwick), presence of syneresis. It is particularly suitable for direct consumption.

The tomato paste obtained by Hot Break technology is a product rich in fibres, with a very high consistency (<5 cm Bostwick) and a very low syneresis; it is a semifinished product, particularly suitable for the production of sauces, ketchup and meat sauces.



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complete Tomato paste production line


CFT Group’s tomato paste lines feature a high level of technology, from processing up to packaging systems.

This line features, for what concerns the receiving and sorting sections, hydraulic transport systems of the raw ingredients, buffer tanks, product dosing systems and premium sorting machines. In addition to this equipment, the line features our renowned pre-concentration “Apollo” evaporator and multiple-effect continuous “Venus” evaporator. The line is completed by an aseptic filling area featuring our premium Macropak AF/2.



The Tomato processing Industry, which began with the manual canning of tomatoes in 1847, currently represents a highly organized industry with sales worth billions of dollars. The global tomato processing market reached a volume of around 34 Million Tons in 2016. A number of factors are currently driving the growth of this…

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