Tropical Fruits


Increasing Tropical Fruits production, a more efficient transportation system,

and refrigerated storage have led to increased global consumption in recent years. Considerable quantities of tropical fruits are now exported each year to European, Japanese, and American markets. The majority of this production is consumed fresh, although processing industries have also been established. In an increasingly health-conscious population, tropical fruit are seen as an appropriate source of nutrition, added variety and exotic appeal.

Tropical fruits are grown and developed in high temperature climatic zones, presenting a biodiversity of fruit cultivars varying in structure, characteristics and physiology. Physiological changes of climacteric fruits depend on independent ripening of the pulp and rind. Practices during production, handling, and storage lead to postharvest disorders of the fruits. Most tropical fruits are sensitive to low-temperature storage with an optimum storage temperature of 13±1°C. A practical protocol for delivering tropical fruits of good quality to the consumer is to harvest both climacteric and non-climacteric fruits at the proper maturity and apply the proper postharvest handling techniques such as artificial ripening to balance quality concerns with distribution requirements.


CFT Group range includes a wide variety of extraction and inactivation systems specific for different types of tropical fruits, optimum evaporators with different working capacities, innovative and modular destoning/extraction systems as well as aseptic filling machines specifically engineered for the Tropical Fruits Industry.

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TROPICAL FRUITS: DESTONING/COLD extraction/HOT refining system


This version of our destoning system GIUBILEO presents three main features which distinguish it from its predecessor.

  • The removal of the classic rubber roller of the machine (which phagocytized the stone during extraction and then expelled it by elastic deformation). In this new machine, in fact, the stone will be ejected without the use of the roller.
  • New round tubular design compared to the previous squared one (it makes the machine’s design more dynamic and the machine itself easily washable and cleanable).
  • More compact and less cumbersome machine, compared to the previous version of the Giubileo, thanks to the downsizing operation.
  • Production capacity up to 1000 Kg.




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