Baby Food

In 2015, the global baby food market was valued at approximately 53.31 billion U.S. dollars.

The global baby food market comprises foods intended for the special nutrition of babies and infants. The largest single categories on the baby food market are baby formula, dried baby food, and prepared baby food.
Baby foods are usually divided into different stages so that they are suitable for each phase of the child’s individual development.

Owing to the demand for best nutrition for the babies, parents avoid the foods containing chemicals, which has harmful effects on the body, such as acrylamide capable of causing cancer in children and infants. The presence of harmful chemicals (pesticides, fertilizers, artificial colors, sweeteners, and flavors) in conventional foods consumed by children exhibit harmful effect on the body. Therefore, the trend has been shifted toward the usage of organic baby products, such as organic milk formula, fruits, vegetable blend pouches, and other dried and prepared baby food.

CFT Group is the perfect supplier for baby food manufacturers, thanks to its complete range of mixers, blenders and cooking kettles, able to process different raw ingredients and to obtain high-quality final products without losing the organoleptic properties of the raw ingredients.


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Baby food complete processing line


CFT Group’s complete baby food processing line features our cooking kettle Vulcano Mod. 1500 Liters/Batch, characterized by a high heating surface and able to handle different production phases in one single vessel.

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