Processed Tomato and Fruit

Our complete lines for tomato and fruit processing are designed to ensure excellent preservation of the organoleptic characteristics of the product.

Many of our machines have become the standard of the industry of tomato processing: the Apollo pre-concentrator, the Venus Evaporator, the Giubileo refining system, the Olimpic range of sterilizers and the Macropak aseptic filler are leaders in their respective technologies.


Hot and Cold Break Tomato Paste

In the production of Cold Break tomato paste, the sorted product is crushed and heated up to 65-70 °C, a temperature that does not cause the complete inactivation of pectolytic enzymes but guarantees an optimal performance in the following juice extraction and refining phase.

In the production of Hot Break tomato paste, the sorted product is finely crushed and heated at the temperature of complete enzymatic inactivation or higher (up to 105 °C); the pulp obtained is subsequently submitted to the refining process.


Finishers, Thermal Treatments and Packaging

The juice obtained both from Cold Break or Hot Break technology is collected into a storage tank and sent to a pre-concentrator and subsequently to a “finisher” multiple effect evaporator, where the juice concentration takes place, or directly to the evaporator.

The obtained tomato paste is then submitted to a further phase of thermal treatment in heat exchangers, to achieve the pasteurization or sterilization temperature before being packaged.


In CFT Group we have decades of experience in fruit processing: first with our company Manzini and then as CFT Group, we have succeeded in developing some of the most advanced technologies available today for the entire fruit processing process.

A typical fruit processing line can include these components:

  • Receiving, washing, and brushing systems
  • Optical sorter, with high resolution sensors that examine the 100% of the surface of each product
  • Extraction and enzymatic inactivation systems, to process high quality fruits and vegetables and are willing to optimally preserve the original color as well as the organoleptic properties within their final products.
  • Sterilizers, to process products with high consistency and viscosity values, destined for subsequent aseptic filling.
  • Aseptic fillers: for packing semi-finished or finished products, liquid or semi-liquid fluids, highly viscous products or those containing particulates.
  • End of Line, a range of state-of-the-art systems of pallet transport, complete with shuttles designed and built by CFT Robotics with the aim of automating and managing the feeding of empty drums and the transport of the full drums up to the final phase.