Spreadable and Processed Cheese

As the name suggests, cream cheese is a soft fresh cheese obtained from milk and milk’s cream.

According to the U.S. Food and Drug Administration, cream cheese should possess at least 33% milk fat, pH ranging from 4.4 to 4.9 and moisture content which is not more than 55%. Different nations define cream cheese differently, that is, having different ratios of nutrients like Canadian standard specify cream cheese to have at least 30% fat content. Cream cheese can absorb odors and should be wrapped and refrigerated for storage purpose. Cream cheese is consumed by mixing it with spices and herbs or with other cheeses. Cream cheese is similar to cottage cheese but is having high-fat content. Cream cheese is sometimes used with, or in place of butter in the production of cookies and cream cake frostings.

Market Drivers and Trends

Cream cheese is an unripened cheese known for its smooth texture and sweet acidic taste. In many countries cream cheese is highly used for the filling of sandwiches and constitutes as a component of few pastries and frostings. In current era, the utilization of cream cheese as an ingredient of different beverages has increased because of the change in lifestyles of the consumers, such as the changing in dining habits, which takes the consumers towards restaurants for consumption of unique beverages, growth of multi-cuisine restaurants which promotes innovation of the new products, and growth of travel and tourism of the public which, in turn, increases the consumption of various desserts.


CFT Group’s range of premium evaporators, sterilizers and filling/aseptic filling machines specific for the Dairy Industry is particularly suitable to answer also the Spreadable Cream and Processed Cheese Industry’s needs.

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Spreadable and processed cheese PROCESSING line.

MILK PROJECT offers automatic and technologically advanced turnkey plants and single machines able to meet different customers’ requirements: from treatment of raw material-milk, different steps of cleaning, skimming, cooling, pasteurization, coagulation, molding, ripening and packaging of the final product.



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