Vegetable Lines

Processing can transform vegetables from perishable produce into stable foods with long shelf lives,

and thereby helps in the global transportation and distribution of many varieties of vegetables. The goal of Processing Industry is to deter microbial spoilage and natural physiological deterioration of the plant cells. Generally, the techniques include blanching, dehydrating, canning, freezing, fermenting and pickling, and irradiating.


After vegetables have been washed, they must undergo blanching (heating) in hot water at 88° C (190° F) for two to five minutes or with steam in a conveyor at 100° C (212° F) for one-half to one minute. Blanching inactivates natural enzymes that would cause discoloration and off-flavours and aromas. It also serves to reduce the number of microorganisms and to render vegetables limp for easy packing into containers. For some vegetables, such as spinach, snap beans, and collards, the blanching step also serves to remove harsh flavours.


Drying is probably the oldest method of preserving foods. The removal of water from vegetables is accomplished primarily by applying heat, whether it be through the radiant energy of the sun or through air heated by electrical energy.


Putting food products into metal cans or glass jars is the major food-processing method of the world. It is particularly useful in developing countries where refrigeration is limited or non-existent. In the canning process, vegetables are often cut into pieces, packed in cans, and put through severe heat treatment to ensure the destruction of bacteria spores. The containers are sealed while hot so as to create a vacuum inside when they are cooled to room temperature. Properly processed canned vegetables can be stored at room temperature for years.


CFT Group is able to offer premium equipment and machines for these different processing systems, as well as for pasteurization, freezing and drying ones.


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