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Whey and milk products

Market Trends

The supply of whey is mainly driven by cheese production which accounts for approximately 95% of the world’s liquid whey and is forecasted to grow by approx. 2% annually. The remaining 5% of whey production stems from casein production, which is rather stagnant. Demand for whey ingredients, however, has been growing much faster, at approx. 4-5% on average across all whey and lactose ingredients, while the most dynamic ingredients have grown by approximately 10% annually. Both nutritional markets such as infant nutrition, sports nutrition and clinical/medical nutrition and commodity markets such as food and animal feed, are driving this development. Major international dairy companies are increasingly looking to secure additional future whey streams, as whey has become a key strategic resource in the dairy market.

The nutritional sectors, particularly sports and performance nutrition products, are the main driving industry sectors for the strong growth in high end protein ingredients. Other strong growth markets include weight loss, clinical nutrition and nutritional products, targeting the aging populations wish to stay active and retain muscle mass.

regional insights

  • North America
  • Europe
  • Asia-Pacific: largest market
  • Latin America
  • Middle East & Africa

CFT Group Solutions

CFT GROUP, as a complete 360° supplier, includes within its range various machines for whey-based products, including premium sterilizers, evaporators and spray dryers, in addition to complete filling, packaging and end of line solutions for multiple whey-derived products.



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