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Our technologies cover a wide range of sectors in the food, non-food and beverage industries. Starting with the specific product, we offer state-of-the-art solutions that can be adapted to the most specific requirements.


In many areas of the Food industry, from tomato processing to fruit and vegetable processing, from edible oil filling to jam production, we are among the best in the world in terms of technical capacity, plant output and finished product quality.


We have a wide range of solutions for the alcoholic beverage sector such as beer, wine or whisky, or for soft drinks and ready-to-drink drinks. We can supply single machines and complete turnkey lines.

Liquid Food

Milk, dairy products, sauces and other liquid foods find with us various state-of-the-art technological solutions adaptable to every need. From ketchup to mayonnaise, from ragout to hummus, we support manufacturers at every stage of processing.

Non Food

We supply filling, packaging and blow moulding lines designed specifically for the Lube Oil and Non Food industries. Flexibility is what sets us apart.