Apollo Mixflow

Multiple effect evaporator by means of mixed circulation

This Mixflow evaporator is a concentration unit suitable for multiple effect evaporation by means of mixed circulation (upward/downward) in the effects at lower concentration and by means of downward forced circulation in the first effect of concentration.

It can be designed in different multiple effects configurations; double or triple effect are the most common versions. The machine features:

  • An indirect condenser that allows the product aroma recovery
  • A high efficiency circulation pumps with open impeller which allow the processing of highly viscous fluids.

This particular technology guarantees that the concentrated fluid reaches a biphasic heat exchange, thus ensuring an excellent efficiency with correct recirculation flows and low evaporation temperatures. This technology, combined with a specific design of the product circuit, allows the reduction of plant volumes with the subsequent reduction of the product residence time and product quality preservation.

  • Tomato
  • Tropical fruit
  • Mediterranean fruit
  • Significant reduction of power installed on the circulation pumps.
  • Much higher efficiency during temperature exchange compared with traditional technologies.
  • Compact dimensions of the plant, thanks to the fact that the single effects are self-supporting and do not require additional supporting structures.
  • “Annular chamber” type separator, allowing low velocity of vapours inside the separator without increasing the diameter of the separator itself.
  • Due to the low temperature & low residence time this new technology the product quality especially in terms of color and taste.

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  • Heat exchange by means of integrated upward/downward mixed flow.
  • Heat exchange under downward biphasic conditions.
  • “Annular chamber” liquid/vapour separator, centrifugal induced type.
  • WATER EVAPORATED: from 2000 to 45000 Kg/h (other sizes & configurations are under study and being designed.)
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