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Automatic crate loaders / Semi-automatic crate loaders

Automatic/Semi-automatic innovative system able to handle cans and jars easily.

Automatic system to handle cans and jars easily and efficiently throughout the crate loading unloading procedures.

  • Glass Jars
  • Glass Bottles
  • Bags/Pouches
  • Plastic Coups
  • Flow
  • Skin blisters
  • The machine features painted wire net fixed protection barriers and a photo-electric safety system for the provisional and automatic cut-out of the protective barrier as required by machine cycle in accordance with existing safety law
  • N°2 guides for the front wheels of the cart to guarantee a correct positioning of the crate
  • Automatic cart mechanical locking and clutch pedal controlled unlocking device

CFT Group’s loading and unloading systems supplied by CFT Group’s brand LEVATI FOOD TECH.

  • 304 Stainless steel frame.
  • The machine is composed with the following groups:
  • Layer pre – formation group.
  • Synthetic resin chain conveyor for can/jar storage. It is equipped of 304 SS frame and guides, adjustable sides, photocell control system for can/jar detection. The length of the conveyor belt is designed to stack a number of food containers coming from seaming line during a standard crate change-over.
  • Layer transfer group.


  • Alarm check, test and self-diagnosing LCD screen interface placed on the machine. This interface allows to switch to manual mode and manage every single movement individually. When an alarm triggers, this interface displays information about alarm type, cause, solution. It also displays if malfunction is temporary and self-repairing or if error is permanent and it needs operator intervention.
  • Layer transfer group complete with:
  • Vacuum Suction Head.
  • Electronic control board.
  • Control unit based on PLC Siemens S7.
  • Local emergency buttons, where necessary, as per electric material positioning layout, placed in stainless steel boxes.
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