Chopping pump

The in line Model BT60 chopping pump, installed both in the Cold-Break and the Hot-Break systems, guarantees optimization of size reduction for selected products.

  • Tomatoes
  • Fruits without stones
  • Vegetable
  • Optimization of the heating and refining process thanks to the uniformity of the chopped product being heated
  • Very reliable service factor, which guarantees long working cycles.
  • Uniform breakage of the fruit to be subsequently heated and refined.

Discover CFT Group’s complete Processing Equipment for the Food Industry.

  • Optimization of the heating and subsequent refining process thanks to the uniform size reduction of the product being chopped
  • Because of the reduced size of the chopped product, it is possible to obtain a homogeneous and complete heat penetration of all the product; in particular, as far as the Hot-break process is concerned
  • Compared to former generations of choppers, this machine can obtain extremely low values of syneresis by means of reduced hot break temperatures of almost 4°C, with a consequent long term energy saving
  • 60 Ton/Hr. Capacity
  • The compact size of the chopper pump allows an easy fit, into existing or new processing lines
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