Cygnus – can & bottling filling monoblock

Speed up to 1.200 CPH. Counter-pressure hybrid glass bottle and aluminium can rinsing / filling / capping / seaming machine.

CYGNUS hybrid glass bottle and aluminium can rinsing / filling / capping / seaming monoblock is a hybrid machine based on counter-pressure filling technology, suitable for filling carbonated and still beverages in glass bottles and aluminium cans. The use of electro-pneumatic filling valves makes this machine a perfect solution for the low capacity lines (up to 1.200 bph/cph) where in a very small place both cans and bottles can be treated.

  • Beer
  • Carbonated and still water
  • Carbonated and still soft drinks
  • Sparkling and still wine
  • Ready to drink
  • Glass bottles with crown cork, twist off cap, aluminium screw ROPP cap.
  • Two-piece aluminium cans
  • Lids from size 200 to 206
  • Volume from 200 ml to 1.000 ml.
  • Possibility to treat both cans and bottles in very limited space.
  • Optimal settings for all filling parameters (flushing, evacuating, pressurization, filling, snifting…).
  • Dedicated recipes for different types of containers and product-adjustable and that can be selected by HMI.
  • All filling parameters always remain unchanged; they do not depend on the capacity of the machine, as for classical mechanical fillers.
  • Machine available: ISO 6-6-1-1
  • The machine is equipped with:
  • Rinsing section: 6 static nozzles, single treatment
  • Filling section: 6 Electro-pneumatic filling valves
  • Seaming section: 1 seaming head
  • Capping section: 1 capping head
  • 6 static-nozzle rinsing group where it is possible to customize rinser treatment times through the HMI panel.
  • Filling valves are electro-pneumatically controlled and made in accordance with the latest technology. Each valve can be managed separately from the others.
  • The isobaric filler is suitable for product filling at cold and/or ambient temperatures;
  • Flexibility in production with possibility of quick bottle size and product changeover.
  • The product tank level control is executed by capacitive probe independently from CO2 pressure control.
  • Flushing with N2 or CO2 before filling. The flushing time is adjustable by HMI touch screen in order to obtain the lowest O2 pick-up.
  • Vacuum system by double or triple pre-evacuation (adjustable by HMI) made by vacuum pump
  • Centralized collector for decompression fluids.
  • Automatic washing device by time for filling valves and bottle support plates;
  • Capping group can be equipped in order to treat crown caps, aluminium ROPP cap, twist-off cap.
  • Foaming group consisting of an air-controlled, high pressure pump and physical separation between air supply and pumped liquid.
  • Single-head seaming turret with two rollers (first and second operation)
  • Bubble breaker device provided with CO2 pressure reducer and manual control valve.
  • CO2 injection under the seaming zone, in order to reduce O2 pick-up provided with manual control valve
  • One single collection point for liqueurs from the carrousel bench
Speed range: up to 1.200 BPH/CPH
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