CFT 101

Can/bottle depal.

Premium can/bottle depalletizing systems featuring a max output/min of 3.5 layers.

  • Cans
  • Tin cans
  • Glass Jars
  • Glass Bottles
  • Pet Bottles
  • Perimetral safety protections with Muting at infeed and restore keyboard
  • Electrical installation, control board on board the machine as per CE regulations. Siemens PLC and double buttons for the operator
  • Pneumatic installation with safety valve

CFT Group’s End of Line solutions featuring different speeds and capacities.

  • Full pallet lifting structure. Double reducer with single motor for lifting purposes and activated by inverter. Counterweights balancing inside the main columns.
  • Pneumatic parachute groups with prompt intervention safety sensors.
  • Compactation guides for the pallet on three sides. Pneumatic activation of the side guides for just one type of pallet.
  • Frontal pneumatic compaction guide for holding the high layers during the translation of the top layer.
  • N. 2 pneumatically controlled groups for layer-pad gripping. Adjustment on the three axis.
  • Manually adjustable level photocell. The translation level is carried out by the operator by means of double button.
  • Layer pusher by manual bar. Sliding with wheels with low friction coefficient. Pushing bar made in plastic material.
  • Pallet infeed roller tracks composed by:
  • 3500mm. long Idle roller conveyor for full pallet infeed. Roller track walkable by the operator both in phase of pallet unwinding and in phase of full pallet infeed to the lifter. Adjustable ground supports.
  • 2000mm long Idle roller conveyor inside the lifting device and in-built with the machine structure.
  • 2000mm. long Idle roller conveyor at empty pallet outlet. Adjustable ground supports. Removal of the empty pallet by the operator.
  • Ground bumper for the forklift during loading phase and pallet retaining guide.
  • Operator service platform (4m. approx.), provided with handrail and access ladder. H from the ground: 2600mm.
  • Manual layer ped remover
  • Layer pads magazine “bracket type” overhead of the infeed roller track. Manual loading. Capacity: 150kg. Discharge by forklift and ground retainer.
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