CFT 151

Depalletizers for jars and bottles.

Depalletizing systems for empty bottles and jars, in-line low level discharge. (Pallet Max. H 1900mm) Discharge height: 1200mm. Speed: 2 layers/min).

  • Glass Jars
  • Glass Bottles
  • Reference guides on the loading area for full pallet (load with manual trolley)
  • Perimetral safety guards with safety barrier at inlet and restore keyboard.
  • Electric installation, control board on-board the machine as per Ce regulations
  • Siemens PLC and operator touch-screen
  • Pneumatic installation with Festo components and safety valve

CFT Group’s End of Line solutions featuring different speeds and capacities.

  • Two columns structure for full palllets lifting. Gearmotor for lifting operations activated by inverter.
  • and controlled by Encoder.   Balancing counterweights inside the main columns.
  • Fall preventing “parachute” groups with prompt intervention safety sensors.
  • “Drawer type” layer transfer groups controlled by gearmotor with inverter. Manually adjustable.
  • Pneumatic compaction side guides. Lift-up frontal guide. Intermedium plane for layer transfer.
  • 2 pneumatically controlled layer-pad pincer groups.
  • Fix photocell for the level and setting of the format directly from the keyboard.
  • Layer discharge and accumulation conveyor, with modular belt in acetyl resin.
  • Working width: 1.200mm.
  • Length : 4.000mm.
  • Drive unit with gearmotor controlled by inverter.
  • Manual layer pad remover.
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